Lean Construction

Lean Construction

We apply this methodology of continuous improvement, already proven in other sectors, to our processes.  

In 2015 we became the first Spanish construction company to implement Lean Construction. This philosophy allows us to work in a more efficient, orderly and safe way, which has an impact on the quality of our projects, on the control of the deadline and on their cost.

Last Planner System

It is the gateway to Lean Construction. A methodology implemented on all our sites that allows us to manage teams rather than construction-related activities. We use it when planning our works and it allows us to optimise processes such as preventive quality, purchasing and decision making.

It helps to control the budget and deadlines and contributes to meeting our clients’ objectives, while improving the day-to-day operations of site teams. 


It is a methodology of Japanese origin that helps to keep the site tidy and clean. It is articulated on the basis of these actions:

Clean (Seiso)

Adapting our workspaces not only speeds up processes, but also enhances the safety of our construction sites.
Clean (Seiso)


We provide our teams with management systems that improve project planning and control, anticipate and prevent errors, and optimise operational and economic performance. We model 100% of our projects in BIM.


We implement quality control systems from the design phase to after-sales. Instead of correcting, we anticipate solutions that avoid error.


Project analysis

Control during execution of the construction project

Presales control

Implementation of preventive actions


After-sales service