Innovative spirit

We encourage innovation internally and we reward cutting edge ideas.

We are inspired by a philosophy of continuous improvement that drives us to push boundaries and challenge ourselves. We do not see any progress as being sufficient.

The main lines of research in which we are working are as follows:


Saving energy is not the only way to be efficient. Its use and generation through renewable sources also contribute to building a more sustainable environment.


Some building materials are going to stay with us for a long time, so we should try to maximise their uses through recycling and reuse.

Digitalisation and
construction 4.0

Although we are pioneers in the use of BIM and Lean Construction technologies, we know that digitizing processes and introducing technical improvements make us more agile and solvent.

Artificial intelligence and robotics

Big Data analysis and predictive modelling provide us with information that allows us to make better decisions. Robotics ensures surgical precision in unsafe environments.

R&D+i projects

Thanks to this innovative spirit, which starts in the R&D+i department and extends to all areas of the company, we now have working methodologies and constructive solutions that make us more efficient, sustainable and responsible. But we do not stop researching.

AIN Circular Platform

AIN Circular Platform

ACR participates as a representative of the construction sector in the AIN Circular Platform project, in which multisectoral circular economy strategies will be defined. This project is funded by the Navarre Government.


Project that contributes to the development of new digital technologies based on BIM to ensure the energy efficiency of the building during its useful life. It is supported by funding from the Basque Government (HAZITEK 2019 call).

iACTIV 2.0

iACTIV 2.0

Funded by the Navarre Government in collaboration with the School of Architecture of the UNAV, this research project aims at the technical and economic validation of an active, modular and fully autonomous façade module in terms of energy.



Project to develop new energy efficiency processes for major building renovations. It is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.



Funded by the Junta de Andalucía, this project investigates the opportunities provided by 5G telecommunications technology to improve construction execution processes.



Project to create an expert system for on-site access control attached to the helmet. It is financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), under the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Certified projects

Here are some of the R&D+i projects certified by UNE 166001:2006 and RD 4/2004 that have been born from our innovative spirit:


Development of a platform to automate and integrate several of the projects and actions related to our preventive quality system on site.

We encourage
the industry’s transformation

Our vocation for excellence and innovative DNA lead us to challenge the status quo and promote the industry’s advancement. For this reason, we actively participate in various associations.

We are founders and members of this initiative since its inception as the Platform for the Industrialisation of House Building. After its overhaul as a cluster, of which our CEO Michel Elizalde is vice-president, we work in collaboration with some of the main players in the sector to promote innovation and implementation of industrialised processes in the construction of all types of buildings.

The Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC), in which we lead the working group on energy efficiency and participate in the working groups on blockchain, 3D printing and digitalisation of buildings and infrastructures.

We are members of Building Smart, a non-profit association whose primary purpose is to promote efficiency in the construction industry through the use of open standards of interoperability on BIM (Building Information Modelling) to reach new levels in cost reduction, execution times and quality increase.