Radical collaboration

Radical collaboration

We believe so much in collaboration that we practice it with a strategic sense and in its most radical version.

It is our way of working and also our philosophy. We put it into practice with clients, suppliers, partners and, of course, with our employees.

Collaborative processes

Radical collaboration also defines how we undertake projects. Developer, project manager, architect and construction company form a well-oiled mechanism based on transparency, honesty and trust between all parties. We work together with the same objective: to close in advance the best possible project according to the premises established by the client.

We have a Collaborative Processes department, which coordinates the areas involved in these types of projects. From the design phase we incorporate the Production team and areas such as Purchasing, Facilities, Planning and ORP. We also involve the main suppliers.


Processes in supply and development



Work in progress

Cost and schedule control

Communication between all parties involved makes it easier to know the real status of the project from the beginning to its completion.

Collaborative work guarantees the construction project is implemented with a closed budget and planning, thanks to the site team’s participation.

Progress is being made in negotiations with suppliers and purchases, so agreements are reached at this stage. This allows us to eliminate uncertainties, minimise unforeseen events and eliminate traditional on-site changes.

Our commitment to radical collaboration is not new. We incorporated this work model in 2015, when we introduced Lean Construction with Last Planner System and BIM (Building Information Modelling).


Casanate Residential Complex

Casanate Residential Complex

Residential complex of 198 homes and large communal areas. Sustainability-oriented design and innovation.
Axial El Cañaveral

Axial El Cañaveral

As a result of a collaborative process, we built this project of 105 homes and large communal areas.