Comprehensive sustainability

We believe that we must provide value not only to our clients and shareholders, but to the whole community

We want our projects to last and contribute to improve the space where they are built. An improvement that is social, economic and environmental.

We articulate our commitment through a Sustainable Master Plan that develops eight groups of actions inspired by the SDGs.


This is a strategic priority. For this reason, we incorporate management tools, training and awareness in ORP beyond the requirements of current regulations.


We promote healthy lifestyle habits among our employees and collaborators to raise their awareness and improve their quality of life.


We enable personal and professional growth by providing training and the opportunity to work with the most cutting-edge and innovative methodologies.


We contribute to sustainable economic development through the creation of quality employment and develop policies of compensation, equality, work-life balance and engagement.


Based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and learning, we implement quality control systems that are typical of industrial models, which allows us to anticipate solutions that avoid failures.


We are evolving towards more efficient and planet-friendly industrial construction models. We prioritise the use of sustainable and recyclable materials and practice circular economy. 


We collaborate with the communities in which we operate through our employment, CSR and good governance actions, applying policies that promote more inclusive, responsible and respectful models.


We research and implement innovative solutions, guided by sustainability, to anticipate customer needs and build in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable actions

Our commitment to holistic sustainability stems from our human team and extends to our work methodologies:

Health and safety campaign

We cannot let our guard down in terms of health and safety if we want to prevent occupational accidents from occurring. To reinforce this message among our employees, we developed an awareness campaign in which we reminded them that danger is always present.

Carbon footprint

We are the first construction company focused on residential building that is part of the Carbon Footprint Registry of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, with Scope 1+2 and 3. In addition, we hold the ISO 14064 carbon footprint certificate.

Clean energy

At least 50% of our electricity consumption comes from renewable sources. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2023.


We have projects focused on improving the energy consumption of buildings (ECOVIVIR, REGENERA, EDIFIHORI and SIMENERG) and we are working together with the University of Navarra on a project for the CDTI focused on choosing the most efficient solutions to minimise the carbon footprint of building construction from the design phase.

Circular economy

We apply circular economy criteria both in the management of our waste and of the materials we incorporate into our works. In addition, we participate in AIN Circular Platform, a project funded by the Government of Navarra to develop circular economy strategies in five relevant sectors of the Navarra economy.