Why work with us?



ACR is its people. Our team is made up of qualified, competent and committed professionals. We embrace trends and drive industry transformation, but we do it from within, starting with the people who make up the company.

That is why we attach the utmost importance to talent management. We are looking for the best profiles and offer them an attractive, dynamic and innovative work environment, the perfect place to grow, develop a professional career and seek new challenges.

Why work with us?

We believe that our company is a good place to work. The construction industry is undergoing its own particular transformation, and at ACR we provide our professionals with the best tools, technologies and methodologies to face this disruption.

And we are guided by values where people are at the centre. Our relationships are based on trust, honesty and respect.


Career development

We have great confidence in internal talent and a firm objective to develop and promote professional careers within ACR. We have a fantastic pool of professionals, to whom we would like to acknowledge their merits and the commitment they show every day. For this reason, we have professional itineraries and a program for detecting potential and developing talent that has allowed us to carry out seven internal promotions, within a framework of meritocratic policies.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Our concern for creating the best possible working environment is also reflected in our efforts to achieve equal opportunities, with policies and plans aimed at promoting diversity and the inclusion of all groups.

We know that by focusing on creating a safe and comfortable environment, our professionals will be able to develop their full potential.

Health, safety and prevention

Working safely, whether in the office or on site, is a major issue for the company, and we therefore deploy measures and policies aimed at ensuring the total health and safety of our professionals and collaborators.

In addition, we continuously carry out training in Occupational Risk Prevention, which we keep updating. We require our teams to scrupulously comply with current regulations. Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company.

Get trained in the best methodologies

The industry demands new ways of meeting the challenges. Our approach is based on being more efficient, sustainable and responsible, requirements that we can only meet if we have the most effective and dynamic methodologies.

We know the advantages of applying new work methodologies because we have been setting trends in the industry for years by introducing Lean Construction and BIM-based technologies. Our teams master them and integrate them into their daily work.